Hello, I'm Emilie Lundberg

I show moms how to trust themselves and know in their heart that they are exactly the parent their child needs. Rather than giving you "just one more thing to do", Music Adventure Box provides done-for-you activities and games that teach emotional regulation, language development, and create stress-free music memories that will last a lifetime.


When I became a mother, I realized that there was an important piece missing when our children take music classes… that missing piece is the parent-child connection. I created Music Adventure Box to help parents and families bond and connect through MUSIC. We provide everything you need into these classes and boxes. We ship the boxes at the beginning of every month so you have the exact tools you need for perfect family musical experiences all month long.

I've been teaching early childhood and elementary music classes for over 10 years. I have a dual degree in Music Education and Elementary Educatioin and am Kodaly-certified. I teach Music and Movement classes at the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute and I love working with students from all musical backgrounds. While working as the Head of the Early Childhood Department at The Gifted Music School, I discovered the 3 most important things to help children feel confident in their ability to learn music:

  1. Make it FUN!
  2. Use children's folk songs that they know and LOVE!
  3. Break it into bite-sized chunks just like we do for learning how to read words.

Lets Get Extra Real For a Second...

As a mother there is a huge amount of pressure to do everything and be everything for everyone. Our goal is to give you the tools to create the musical environment in your home that is EASY, fulfilling, and helps you feel like the superstar parent you already are.


Your time is precious, my time is precious, so if it has been proven to work why not?

I have spent years developing Music Adventure Box that delivers music lessons that bring the family together without the stress of having to be a music teacher yourself.

Jessica P.

Homeschool Mama and Music Teacher

"Today was a rough morning but then I remembered that we hadn't watched music preschool yet. Our morning has been TURNED AROUND by 20 minutes with you. Thank you!"



Sarah C.

Mama of 3 young children

"My husband was watching the week 2 music class with them the other day and he said, "This woman has a gift!" And he's right! LOVE how expressive you are during the class! I wasn't sure how the kids would respond to a pre-recorded class, but they are both engaged and answering your questions! Huge hit with them!! Thank you for bringing even more music/learning/play into our home!"

Heather H.

Piano Performance Major and Piano Teacher

"The thing about your program is that it's KODALY which is an internationally recognized and proven program to teach MUSIC LITERACY AND EXPRESSION through folk song and the classics. What sets your stuff apart is that it's not instrument specific. It's an all encompassing way to teach the language of music."

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